Protest Injustice in Andrews, NC

Please contact the following people involved with the "Possum Drop" in Andrews, North Carolina and let them know that you are disappointed with their duplicitous actions (the mayor said the town would not use a live animal in next year's "Possum Drop" and even signed an agreement to confirm this) and the fact that the opossum used in this year's event was severely injured (its leg was amputated after the event). Please read the press release to learn more.

Please contact:

Mayor James Reid

(828) 361-1362 (cell);

Town Board Members

Steve Jordan: Richelle Phillips: Mike Sheidy: Scott Stalcup:

Andrews Town Hall: (828) 321-5111

"Possum Drop" Sponsor Old Town Brokers, North Carolina Mountain Real Estate: (828) 321-5516

You also can google "Andrews NC" and leave a Google review.

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