How to Protect Your Chickens from Opossums

Opossums are opportunistic omnivores. Their number one food is insects, mostly beetles. They eat a varied diet of insects, worms, frogs, birds, fruits, nuts and carrion (dead animals). They will also prey on small rodents, voles, shrews and moles. Opossums will feed at compost piles, garbage cans and bird feeders.

Although generally not a threat to poultry, Opossums are opportunistic and will enter chicken coops if they are accessible. If they have access to chickens, they will eat eggs as well as kill and eat chicks and small hens. Not overly aggressive, they possess a mouthful of very sharp teeth, can easily kill a hen but may be scared off by aggressive roosters. It is relatively easy to protect chickens from nocturnal attacks by opossums. They not good diggers and avoid lighted areas and noise. Effective deterrents for protecting chickens can be as simple as a string of Christmas lights and a radio. A single wire of electric fencing wire on the top of any open fencing or coop barrier would also be effective.

(Shared with us from our friends at Protect Our Wildlife (POW))

More to come as we uncover more information...

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