Did you know opossums . . .

Kill about 5000 ticks (each) per season?

Are the United States & Canada's only marsupial?  

Are almost entirely impervious to rabies & many other diseases?  

Are nature's clean up crew, killing mice, snakes, slugs & other garden pests?  

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Opossum Awareness & Advocacy seeks to educate the public about opossums' many attributes, not the least of which is consuming a massive amount of ticks each season. 

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Eating an earthworm
Mom and babies in California
Opossum rescued from birds
Mother opossum and her babies
Sesame the Opossum with Joe
Sophie greeting an opossum visitor
Mabel the cat & an opossum visitor
A comfy opossum enjoying hospitality
Critter Angel Rescue Opossum
Peaches & Violet
A comfy opossum enjoying hospitality

Ann Web writes, "I feed the stray cats in my neighborhood and this fellow takes advantage of the comfy beds and food almost every night. My porch is enclosed bit the door stays open so they all can get out of the weather. He actually coexists with the cats really well."